Lipo Angel

a lady sitting down wearing white short shorts, showing off smooth legs

Lipo angel at Naina's beauty Box

Transform your body into a slender goddess like figure 

Lipo Angel offers advanced non-surgical body contouring, possible inch loss and no surgical face lifting. The cryolipolysis is good for areas such as stomach, inner thighs and inner arms. The radio frequency can help your skin and improve the appearance of cellulite. The photon light therapy for skin revitalisation, to treat pigmentation, acne, fine line and acne.
A lady's stomach before and after non-surgical body contouring
Top of a thigh before and after treatment
Side view of a stomach before and after treatment
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For more information call Naina's Beauty Box 
Woodford Green 020 8498 9663
Barkingside 020 8550 3332   
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